embed minishowcase into my site?

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i'm looking to get this gallery page inside one of my pages on my site? i was reading and a iframe definitely would not work... anyone have any ideas?


  • Iframe works like a charm on my webpage.

    Why shouldn't it work?
  • perhaps with all the changes (many include recurring back to relative directory) the new version works inside iframes.

    that is good to know, though i personally don't like iframes for the same navigational problems that unfortunately (and until i find the time and knowledge to solve) minishowcase is suffering from as well!

    can you share your gallery link so i can check it out?

  • I would rather not on the board. But send me an email on brugle2000 (a) hotmail.com
    and I could send you the link.
  • I am trying to do the same thing as mikepaggi. The iframe solution, however is not ideal. When you click a thumbnail the lightbox only covers the iframe and not the entire page, also when using lightboxjs2 and viewing a high resolution image, it will be cut off by the iframe.

    Maybe you did something different to overcome these issues?

    For the rest of my site I am using javascript calls to load pages into the main content area. I noticed there was another post further down which was looking for a solution to this same problem.

    Any ideas on how to load the gallery using an AJAX call?

  • sure. it is simple. you don't include it into your site, but include your site into minishowcase.

    add all the header code (head scripts, menu, etc) to the
    script, and all the footer code (everything that goes below) to the
    code. then add all your header/footer styles to
    . after that set two variables
    to true in
    and you're set.

    not well documented right now, but all my free time goes into patching code (hope that changes soon as minishowcase is maturing into a stable gallery. (right?)

    sorry for the unelegant solution, but i have not had time to play around with inclusions.

    it would be great and very helpful if some poeple post here their solutions, since i know some have been able to include it very elegantly into quite complex and interesting sites.
  • Thank you, this turned out to be a good solution.

  • Okay, I did it! I was able to embed minishowcase into my site without using header/footer files. Here is how i did it.

    I am using jQuery, but i am sure what i did can be adapted to another framework.

    -I renamed the minishowcase index.php to gallery.php.

    -Move all javascript includes that you will use from gallery.php to your index.php. I had to do this because i am dynamically loading content pages, and i havent found a solution to pull in these script blocks yet.

    -In the file 'ajax.functions.js' I i commented out the line 'window.onload = init'

    -Again because of the way i am bring in my content i had to call the init() function after the gallery.php page was finished loading. My jQuery code looks like this:

    /* This begins the init of minishowcase */
    $(document).ready(function() {

    This can also be accomplished like this:

    I am still working on a solution to lazily load the script files using jQuery.

    I'll try to get a live link working soon so you can check it out.

  • I embed in a really simple way that worked like a charm to me. I took one of my sites pages, and in the area where I wanted to put it i just placed an include php function. Something like this:

    <?php include('index.php'); ?>

    I placed this page (a .php file) in the folder of the minishowcase gallery in order to mainting all relative linking working fine.

    It worked just like a charm!. Visit it at:

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