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I have a gallery with mixed image sizes. Many of the images are under 1.5MB, and they thumbnail and display just fine, however a have some that are closer to 4MB . Thumbnails to not generator or store, the resized picture never loads. Clicking through to the full sized image works just fine (which I expect). My php server's memory limit is set to 32MB per thread, so php/gd running out of memory _shouldn't_ be an issue, although it may. Any thoughts (other then resize the images)?
New House gallery, second page.


  • Ok, looked at my logs a little more carefully, it was exceeding my memory limit which was already pretty high.

    I added the following line in my site definition in my httpd.conf:
    php_value memory_limit 64M

    If you don't have access to your server config, try adding the same line within a .htaccess file in your minishowcase directory. I would start lower then 64M though and work up until it flies. To see if the server is actually letting you do this, use the output of phpinfo() and look for the following line:

    memory_limit 64M 32M

    the first number is your local limit, the second number is the server defined limit, the default I want to say is 8M .

    Its a little slow on those large images, but it does work.

    Any work on caching the middle sized images in addition to the thumbnails?
  • nope, the middle sized images can't be cached, since their size vary. try opening an image, resizing the window and loading it again. the middle-sized images are sized according to the window's size.

    technically, a jpg that sizes 8MB, when decompressed weights a lot more in memory (at least 4 times more), hence your memory shortage.

    in my opinion, it does not add anything to share 2272x1704px 8MB pictures that are to be seen at 1024x768 at your gallery. so i suggest you keep your Hi-Res pictures for printouts and batch resize web versions to something that does not consume so much resources (memory, bandwitdth, time, cycles) for you and your audience.

    i personally show 800x600 versions online, and my audience appreciate the bandwidth and time i save them.
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