don`t click on thumb until they all are loaded.

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I`ve just noticed, that when you click on a thumbnail when not all thumbs are generated you get photo not in lightbox :(
so if there is slow server with processor < 1Ghz thumbs are generated in 5-10 secs.

Is there any solution to avoid such situation?

thanks in advance,


  • yes, right now the only one is not to use Lightbox JS2, but i'm working on it.

    thing is Lightbox JS2 adds some code after all images are loaded. i'll try to figure out a way to avoid clicking before the whole gallery is properly parsed by Lightbox JS2.
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    version 0.9 alpha solves this issue by not showing the thumbnails until they're all created. i will add this to the next release as well.
  • I have just installes the latest version.
    I would like to use Lightbox JS2 fpr viewing images, but unfortunetely it doesnt work on Opera? Is it a bug of the extension? gallery? or Opera???
    How to solve that?
  • i don't know, as i don't offer support for extensions, they're offered "as is".
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