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Separate modules

I want to have the menu, the thumbnail listing page and the album viewer (detail) page to be different phps (the default way may continue to exist) so all can use it integrated (like mashups) in existing systems.
The reason is that I want to be able to list the current albums on my website homepage, and if I choose an album from there I can go to my own album page just including the album engine as phpinclude and then it will read some parameter sent by the album menu php include... Also other php modules like recent updated albuns, comments, should be fine... Long time I don't code PHP (I started with Perl in 96) but if I get any of these done I will post back to the Community, but time to review the code will be the hardest part.. So if the author (or anyone) agrees with my arguments and implement it, let us know :>


  • i think it would take me less time to look for a gallery that does that (and there are some) than recoding it all to satisfy those needs.

    i guess minishowcase was not designed to be used in that way, and you might find it quite difficult, but if you come up with something, let me know

    and if you need help on a specific issue, post it here and i'll try to help you. good luck.

    ps: please be aware that MOST of the processes are handled by JavaScript, so it might break your code if you separate the page items in different files. but right now i'm talking from the top of my head, so it might happen that is not that complicated. now i'm curious.
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