Minishowcase stopped working on GoDaddy

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I been using a early version of
minishowcase until a couple of weeks ago on web site hosted by

I started to get a couple of 'GD' errors that
statements were
not valid anymore (eprg_replace and JPG).  I made the correction, but
showcase never loaded. I downloaded the newest version of minishowcase
and install it without success. Prior discussions claim minishowcase
does not work with GoDaddy, but
I had it working.  I am using the latest version of FireFox as my

You can see my none working showcase at:

If you need to see the PHP information use this link:

Any help to get this working again will be


  • Did you install minishowcase without any modifications? It seems some of the parser php scripts are not working properly, or your js is somehow messed up.

    Please install it exactly as it comes, with no modifications (not even adding photos) and let me know so I can take a look.
  • victor,

    You were right.  I must have uploaded the files incorrectly the first time.  Everything is working correctly again and on GoDaddy.

    Thank you...
  • victor,

    I have some more information concerning this issue which may help in isolating the problem.

    The error can be re-created by changing the 'settings.php' file in the config directory.  After posting the previous post, I needed to change the sorting of the gallery to reverse the order.  I changed the setting from 2 to 5 and upload it using Cute FTP.  The minishowcase stopped working again and it did not make any difference what value I used.  I even changed it back to the default and it still failed.

    When I uploaded a fresh copy from your downloaded directory and used the FTP to edit and make the change it works.

    The only difference here is my PHP editor which is the 2006 version of Microsoft Expression Web.

    I hope this will help solve some problems others are having.

  • glad you could solve your issue :)
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