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Large Captions

Allow us to have a file with a caption for each picture and/or grab the caption from exitf if file is jpg/jpeg else grab from file name as failsafe so people can have larger captions, and use commas and periods 

I know you can grab rxif data vis PHP Func

array exif_read_data ( string $filename [, string $sections = NULL [, bool $arrays = false [, bool $thumbnail = false ]]] )

thus this should work (modified from
array exif_read_data ( string $filename [, string $sections = COMMENT [, bool $arrays = false [, bool $thumbnail = false ]]] )


$comments = exif_read_data($filename, 'COMMENT', true);

 foreach ($comments as $name => $val) {
      echo "$name: $val<br />\n";


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