fullview images not working

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please respond quick to this. this is sorta time sens. becuase I'm using this as a real time trip gallery

is the url to the gallery

thumbnails load but fullview images don't

all permissions are correct.

thanks for the help.


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    hi @AGNXNetworks,

    sorry about that, there's a deprecated function in the code. just open /library/thumbs.display.php, go to the line 204 and change:

    $current_gallery = array_pop(split("/", dirname($img)));


    $current_gallery = array_pop(explode("/", dirname($img)));

    that should do the trick.

  • Thanks a lot that fixed it!
  • Not sure what the problem is with my gallery... Images which are larger than the window (and would be reduced in size with a link to the full size image) do not load properly, and the thumbnail images aren't loading properly either.

    I have made the change suggested in this thread and that has not fixed the problem.

    Please help me get this up and running. I see others have their gallery working properly so I'm hoping this is just a depreciation issue I can resolve easily.

    Thanks in advance.
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