I want to know if its possible

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want to know if its possible to allow users to upload and once they upload be like this username/images and can I have different folders inside the galleries folder with different passwords?


  • To use password protected galleries have a look at config/settings.php "$settings['password_filename']".

    If you want upload functionality you can easily script this on your own. Please note you can create symlinks in the galleries folder (like the username you want) to secure it a bit more.

  • Thanks for the help. Is it possible to have a login system or is that in future releases?
  • you can use basic auth as a "login system"
  • Ok thanks for help got the password thing figured out its cool you can do it to more then one folder. Is there a way to link the folder to someone? Also my large images do not display in thumbnail any way to make it display larger images?
  • What do you mean with "link the folder to someone"?

    What resolution have your "large images"?
  • the dimensions are 6544x4944

    For the link could I give someone a direct like to one of my folders in my gallery?
  • Okay. I've implemented this to view the cached image (800 px sized) and to load the original image if you click on it.
    I'm not certain what you are really trying to do. If you meant to link to a folder in the gallery try this.
    If not - just give them the link to the folder (if you allowed access in the .htaccess) like example.com/galleries/example/
  • Do I change the cached image in the config file to 800 px sized
  • I'm not certain... can you please explain what you are trying to do?
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    Just trying to make my large images to be viewable in the thumbnail/gallery page it shows a small broken image in center.But when I click on it it opens and display in new window.
  • I could better assist you if you'd provide a link to your current project...
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    Look at test1 folder password is **** <- removed due to security
  • you should check your konsole errors: "NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - http://www.cassiesphotografix.com/libraries/thumb.display.php?max=128&amp;img=galleries/test1/before and after1.jpg&amp;c=1&amp;sq=1"
    Maybe your server is at its limits because the default venezuela gallery is working.
    The thumbnailer also does not work for your pictures.
  • Try it again I was uploading the settings.php a couple times trying different coding.
  • As I described above it's usually a problem assoziated with GD and your php memory limit. You can try to shrink your image to fit your servers limits.
  • Ok make sense any way to add zip orc rar to bypass that?
  • NO, it would make it even worse. Just shrink the image.
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    Found out its not the size of the image. Its the total file size space that the image takes up. Thumbs up for this great script and support.
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