Take off the first page ?

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How can I jump directly to the gallerie page I want, without having the first one with the welcoming message ?
excuse my poor english, and thank you for helping


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    $settings['gallery_default'] = false;
    $settings['gallery_default_name'] = 'venezuela';

    Look in the config\settings.php and you will find the option currently set to false, then you also need to change the option for the name of the default gallery. It is as easy as that.

  • Spot on. Thanks exan!
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    These settings worked for me.
    Thank You.
    $settings['gallery_default'] = true;
    $settings['gallery_default_name'] = 'venezuela';

    If you have a gallery name My_venezuela. You need to put the same name here.

    $settings['gallery_default_name'] = 'My_venezuela';
  • thanks @skybux, that's right.
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