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Gallery Navigation Covering the header

edited April 2011 in How do I?
I apologize if I am using the incorrect terminology here, but I will explain the issue as best I can.

First of all the website I am working on is:

I've been using Google Chrome mostly, but check my work in both Firefox and IE.

My problem is this. When I click on an image in the gallery it brings up a fullsize image with a navigation bar above that image. I've noticed that both the navigation bar and the title of the fullsize image are covering my header. Is there a way to move the navigation bar to the bottom of the fullsize image, so that I can still see "Ashley Stevick Photography" in the background?

Thanks for any help you can offer!


  • Yes, there is, but you need knowledge of JavaScript and CSS, as the code has to be manually changed.

    Have you tried using the other provided "lightboxes"? If you roam the /config/settings.php file, you'll find a setting named $settings['preview_mode']. Follow the instructions and test with the other options.
  • Thanks! I think one of the other lightboxes will do the trick just fine!
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