Chinese charset not available

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Hi, guys
I'd translated the language into Chinese but they didn't encoded well.


  • oh~ forgot the translated file
  • thanks a lot, t-rex! it'll be included in the next version, hope it works for all the chinese-speaking community!
  • Hi Victor,

    When can we expect that?
    My client's main site is in Chinese and while I have managed to get a few words to show up from the info.text files - the PHP files are a disaster of gibberish.
    Great program - thank you!
  • I got the same problem with displaying Chinese characters, on the left side album index.

    Step to reproduces:
    1. under galleries/ folder, add some folder with the folder name in Chinese
    2. Go to the web browser , the name of the album , cannot display Chinese.
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    @ngtszman: have you checked that the folder name ist correctly encoded?
    I created a folder "20130218-測試我" with a test picture.
    As you can see it seems so work;
  • @ngtszman @scoop Please follow the guidelines and help us help you.
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