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Ok, I updated the gallery and used some info from a previous version in 2008 that allowed sub galleries.

So, this version will not only function as the original will, it will also allow sub-directories. I've also added a customization of my own that includes a header bar for the images with a close graphic.

Check out my gallery:


  • Nice work, I downloaded the rar, bit I can not get it working with Submenues like yours, e. g. on your site:

    Allegories as main menu item with subfolders under it.

    What might be wrong?
  • Nice Fork!
  • hi all,

    ceruleansin: as i asked you in another post, i would like to integrate your changes to minishowcase, i'm flattered of your great work and i think all users will enjoy it. i'll open a branch with your changes and if you want, can try to give you access to the versioning server (subversion) if you feel like helping out directly over a branch.

    let me know if that's ok with you, and thanks for the support!
  • has ceruleansin's mod been made available yet anywhere? I emailed him directly from his site but he never responded.
  • he emailed me telling me i could integrate the code.

    i'm in the middle of doing so, but i haven't had any free time lately. i'll send an announcement when i do, so feel free to subscribe to the announcement list.
  • Thanks for the news, but this implementation of subdirectories does not seem to allow more than 1-level depth. I guess this will be limiting for many users.

    You can check out my minishowcase fix here which allows infinite depth:
  • @Jihem
    i am trying your version but I'm getting the following error:

    Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in C:\wamp\www\casadailha\libraries\general.init.php on line 97

    Notice: Undefined index: JPG Support in C:\wamp\www\casadailha\libraries\general.init.php on line 101

    I can't send you alink because as you can see from the links... I'm testing in a local server.
    Any clues to solve this?
  • hummm... seems like minishowcase is not compatible with php5.3... any fix for this available?
  • @Rockas : as discussed by email minishowcase and minishowcase-jm do run on PHP5.3. Deprecation is just a warning and JPG support might be an issue with your WAMP setup. Especially check that you have GD support as explained at
  • i don't want to be rude, but it past few months and it's still not implemented in main code, when we can expect updated version?
  • I too am eagerly awaiting this. Where can we download ceruleansin's version?
  • @Nikodemsky and all:

    minishowcase is a *free* gallery and there is no promise of any features being implemented, nor fixed release dates. If I find the time, I try to implement some features, but there is no promise of anything, even if I say I will try.

    I'd love to add sub-galleries as it is the most requested feature, but I have a full-time job, other side projects, a company to run and not much free time or thorough knowledge of JavaScript, so bear with it.

    I'll try to find ceruleansin's version and post it to download.

    Thanks for the feedback, it really helps.
  • any updates on a download link for this version?
  • subscribe to the announcements to know when it will be released. thanks.
  • Wow, this is really cool. Thank you, ceruleansin (over a year later). Want to keep an eye on this thread ;^)
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    A member recently tracked me down through the customers gallery above and requested that I help implement minishowcase on their website. Unfortunately I moved my customers galleries over to GalleryCMS more than a year ago. It isn't the AJAX or JQuery based solution that I needed but it implemented many of the solutions that I didn't have time to code myself.

    Because of the continuing interest in this program though, I will go back and take a look at the work done over the last year by Victor and see if their is anything creatively that I can add.

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