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Thmbnail problem ..

edited January 2010 in Troubleshooting
Hye victor .. nice work . I really like this minishowcase galery very simple and easy to setup ...

but i have a problem with new release minishowcase gallery ... it was my 1st time i use it . I dun have any viewing problem with Firefox, chrome and opera but i have an error with Internet explore ... the problem like screenshot below ... its happend when i have 2 page of thumbnail. Its fix when i remove all thumbnail in the second page.

Sorry if i post in wrong thread .

p/s : sorry for my bad english .


  • hi yuzzm,

    it seems you have altered the code, and i cannot help you as i don't have any idea on what exactly did you change while adding the banner.

    i'd recommend installing the gallery again and checking if it gives the same problem without any modification.

    it will also help if you make your posts visible to all not whispering them to me, perhaps someone else from the community can help you.
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