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Any way to group images in preview mode by filename

edited January 2010 in How do I?
I would like to implement a feature where when a user selects a thumb and the image is rendered in preview mode with the slideshow feature (default/slimbox/thickbox), the user can somehow view all other images in the gallery with the same filename and have the ability to cycle through them in preview mode.

Allow me to better explain. Say I have a gallery of models. In the gallery, I have several images of a particular model, Sarah, scattered around. If a user views an image of Sarah in preview mode, it would be nice to show a link that says something like, "View all of Sarah's samples," and when that is clicked, the user is taken to a preview mode slideshow that filters only images containing the name "Sarah" or something like this.

So I'm looking for some guidance and direction. I'm quite handy with javascript and PHP; thus, I'm not looking for someone to spoon-feed me the code but to simply give some pointers or tips and perhaps where, specifically, to look in the code to achieve this.

Thank you!
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