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I would like background music to play only in the slideshow. I figured out how to get it to play when the showcase opens, but it stops as soon as you click on slideshow. I want it to start after clicking on slideshow. A second feature would be to have the music load in the background without disrupting the timing of the slides, then it would play after loading.


  • it is out of the gallery's scope for me so i cannot help you, but probably you can get someone to help you do it in this discussion community.

    good luck!
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  • Thanks, I figured out it was better to add the code to add_header.php. I put the following code in my header and it gives the user a choice to play the music or not. It also worked as automatic background music and didn't stop when I hit slideshow. This lets them start and stop music even with slideshow running. I will have to figure out the part about delay the music load till the rest of the html loads a little later. you can see two ways I use this at:

    click on Longhorns, then click on the memorial, finally click the image of the flower.

    The second way is the same url but click on media, then click on Yearbook Slideshow.

    We will also use it to replace our Shozam photo galleries.

    Anyway - here is my code to have music in slideshow:
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