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Inserting in my own site.

edited August 2009 in How do I?
Hi, I just installed this and works great. My problem is that I am trying to embed into my own site in different pages but I'm stuck here:

/* absolute url of index.php file
* VALUES: [ ]
* (need to set for proper gallery inclusion in a website)
$settings['minishowcase_url'] = ".";

I don't quite understand what to do here. Can someone please help? thanks


  • actually that setting is not necessary for anything. i've been lazy enough not to use it for something or document it.

    follow the steps in the "Integrating your gallery with your site" section at the instructions.
  • Thanks Victor, like I said, I was able to install it and view it perfect. I see the beautiful Venezuela pictures but as soon as I insert code into a page on my site I get an error. Then it tells me to configure in the code above. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • did you follow the steps in the "Integrating your gallery with your site" section at the instructions?
  • Yes. Unless I'm missing something.
  • you don't insert any code on your page, you insert your page's code into minishowcase.

    please explain step by step what you have done. the more information the more i can help you (but i don't read minds yet, hehe)
  • I loaded mini into website, called the index.php page, viewed it on browser. It works good. I inserted a folder with my images into mini's folder. I took the code from Mini's php.index and inserted into my own page and tried testing but then I was told that I need it to configure in settings.php. I guess I'm doing something wrong. Please explain. Thanks
  • that is not what the steps in the "Integrating your gallery with your site" section at the instructions page say.

    please go to the instructions page (is in the main menu) and check the "Integrating your gallery with your site" section and follow the steps indicated there.
  • Thanks, I knew I was missing something. I didn't read that part. Anyway, I tried it and it looks fine. But, I also tried showing in a different page and when I renamed file I got an error.
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