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minishowcase is not creating thumbnail cash file

edited July 2009 in Troubleshooting
Firstly THANKS SO MUCH for this. Looks and works great!!!

I thought I had a problem with files that are to big when being upload to gallery and search for resizing images when uploading.

After reading through the form I found that I needed to change the settings['scale_big_images'] from true to false and now all my images no matter what size they are, are showing correctly. But for some reason minishowcase is not creating the thumbnail cash file.

I know you said we must look into the PHP Config (I don't know much) but I could not find anything that I could change that would affect this.
For me if it was something with the PHP, minishowcase still should have created the file and then if PHP could not display it then I agree with you it should be something with the PHP.

I took the same image and kept on resizing and up to 1500px it did not create a thumbnail. Anything under 1500px (even 1499px) minishowcase did create a thumbnail.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?


  • your PHP implementation has a max memory size that (usually) you can not change, and is around 8MB, so if the photo takes more than that to be processed (as it is PHP that processes the photo, not minishowcase), it won't be processed at all.

    nothing to do with my side, as my code does work for any image size.
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