Arrow navigation issue

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Hello there!

First of all, great gallery. Easy to set up and use, and it looks nice aswell.
However, i came across a problem.

With the default lightbox, it didn't show it correctly in IE8. It only showed the picture within the Div-tag the gallery was in.
I switched to using Slimbox instead, and that worked fine in IE.
At first sight, it worked fine in FF aswell, untill i clicked a picture and tried to go to the next picture by using the arrow keys on my keyboard.

When clicking a thumbnail, it opens the picture using slimbox. However, if i press an arrow key to view the next picture, it does not only go to the next picture, but also opens another lightbox on top of the picture. The lightbox it opens is the default one.

I'm sorry if it's a bit unclear what my problem is, if needed i can provide a screenshot of the problem.
I couldn't find anything on this board either about the problem.


  • yes, i understand. i'll have to file that as a bug.

    thanks for helping!
  • This bug is still present.  Any fix yet or alternative lightbox?
  • Unfortunately IE8 is no longer supported by Microsoft, so it cannot be on our list of supported browsers.
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