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Included into own Site..Code comes up on opening

edited May 2009 in Troubleshooting
Hey guys..
i first want to say sorry for my bad english.. i´m a german...
The Problem:

I included the Code of Minishowcase into my Site and everytime i open the gallery.php(with Firefox) a SourceCode comes up and dissappears after one Second.
Why this Code comes up and how can i make that doesnt appear...

Here is the Site where the problem comes up.

I hope you can help me..
Thank You



  • are you on mac osx, windows, linux... firefox version?

    have you made changes (any changes) to the gallery code? in the settings, or somewhere else?

    there is no file called gallery.php

    pazekal, and to all others, please read the guidelines before posting so we can save time every time i come to the community to help you. if not we're all wasting our precious time.
  • Iam very sorry... here are the missing informations....

    iam using Firefox WIndows Vista x64
    the php version is php5
    i made some ussual changes on the settings but no extra things in the source code....
    i changed the css a little bid for my website(only the attributes)
    I haven´t created new classes or something else...

    the site ist
    Iam sorry for the mistake....

    i hope you can help me..

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