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New Features (sub galleries, captions)

edited December 2008 in Showcase
Hey Victor & community,

First Victor, I wanted to let you know that your minishowcase is really good. I went through several dozen different photo gallery scripts and yours is by far the nicest and most modern. I was looking for a mini web Picasa and yours is very close to that.

I have made some modifications that I think would be of general benefit to the community. I added the ability to recursively load subdirectories so you can organize your photos in a hierarchical manner ("Traveling/Europe 2008/Rome" for instance). Directories with no images are ignored. Each directory is treated individually in the sorting procedure which could be good or bad depending on your personal tastes.

I also wanted to be able to show the captions I added using Picasa instead of encoding them directly into the filename. This info is stored in the IPTC section of the JPEG, which PHP can parse easily. I've implemented the ability to display this as well.

You can find my changes at and preview it at . The zip is also attached to this message. Victor, feel free to review the code and include it in the next release. I have updated the documentation as well, as I added a few new $settings to turn these features on and off. The zip is formatted just like a normal release so you should pretty much be able to unzip, customize, and go.

Let me know if anybody has any questions or issues with my changes. Hopefully this will help some people with their galleries.

Brian C. Becker @
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