Newbie Help, how do I install this program?

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Hello php pros,

I'd love to use this, if I can figure how to install it.
My download did not come with an installer, and I have not found any ".exe" file either. The instructions seem to hint that this needs to be on a webserver - but where?
I uploaded it to the webserver with a couple of my sites on it, It has php v 5.2 with many extensions, but I can't open up or read anything except with Notepad. I can't see a single image or find any user interface, installer or anything that makes it usable.
I also tried downloading the related "manager" user interface, but it also has no installer or exe file.

Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Here's an attached pdf of the data when I tried the "test" file on the server.
  • can you post a link to your minishowcase folder in your server?
  • Hi Victor
    Thanks for the reply. I'd love to provide a link to the folder, but the only link that records on the URL field is the cpanel entrance. Then, after passwords, it's one more step in with File Manager to get into the public_html directory where the minishowcase folder resides.
    I copy the link all the way to the index, but it does not follow through on the web browser.
    Is there any way I can put it inside Apache 2.2 on my computer's C drive to do local testing before putting it online?
    After a fresh re-install and un-zip into the Apache folder, a double click on the Index file brings up a frame in Dreamweaver, but I have been unable to perform any edits that can be seen.
  • can you send me a link to your website? and the minishowcase path inside your server?
  • Hi Victor

    I sent you an email with the address requested above.
    Do you know an email address for Jan Konieczny to get more info on his manager?

  • Hi, i have sent the folder to the server, and edit the permission setting's but still can't make it work :S can anyone help me?
  • yash, please read the guidelines
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