Sub-Gallery status

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Hello and thanks!

I have been searching all night about Sub-Galleries within Minishowcase and have found that you are

a) Planning on implementing this feature
b) Trying to find the time /resources

Do you have an estimate on when this feature can be implemented? Any leads/links to How-To's from other people? Would you be able to focus and develop it quickly (within a week) if you were to receive some funds?

Let us now! I'll be around.




  • not an idea on when those are to be implemented. of course, for $1000 i could have it done for monday! hehe
  • kvnBushi - If you have time, I have some php code listed in a thread titled "help to implement sub folders" which expands directories correctly. I'm not sure how to integrate this code into minishowcase to get it to work. Any takers?
  • Hey kvnBushi,

    I agree with you that sub-galleries would be a nice feature. I've hacked some stuff together and posted it to the forum. It implements sub-galleries in a pretty naive way, but as far as I can tell, it works and is good enough for me. Just wanted to let you know in case it would be useful to you.

    Brian C. Becker @
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