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im using this galley on my web site and i wanted ask if we have the functionality to have sub galleries? For example have multiple folders with one folder?

hope im making sense,

thank you in advance.


  • I don't have an answer to the question since I'm a newbie user, but I'm interested in the question since I'd want to do something similar. Based on something I read, I had the impression that I might be able to run several "galleries" in different folders. I'm envisioning, for instance, one set of galleries for travel, one for work, etc. I could then to a front index/contents page to direct users to separate galleries?
  • Hi

    thanks for your reply, i think we both want the same thing, i have not read anywhere that this is possible. For example i want the following structure firstly you would have gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, etc and then in gallery 1 there would be gallery 1.1, gallery 1.2 gallery 1.3 etc. If you know of a way to do this, then please could you let me know, it would be a great feature to have!

    Please let me know your thoughts

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    right now it is not possible. i might think on adding sub-galleries if minishowcase gets to a stable phase and enough people want it, but right now there are some issues that need to be covered first.

    anyhow, i think it might get into minishowcase v09. if someone knows a way to do it, please feel free to share it with me and i'll add it.
  • i am as well interested in this ... has anyone worked on this feature
  • Vic is on it. Hopefully soon.
  • ok, cool beans
  • Please send us notation by email once this function has been added. Thanks in Advance!
  • Hi, I released a fork of the latest official version which adds infinite subfolders and addresses some limitations like spaces in folder and file names. It's here:

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks So Much Jihem.
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