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Hello all :)

I love this and I am donating for sure!

One thing I want to do is not have any galleries. Meaning I want to have the images just show up without having to pick a gallery. I just have 1 large gallery and it seems silly for someone to have to pick that gallery.

I am a HUGE dummy about these thing is my first photo-gallery any help would be great!


  • you can select that gallery as the default (it will then load automatically) on
    at line 185

    $settings['gallery_default'] = true; // SET TO TRUE
    at line 190

    $settings['gallery_default_name'] = 'venezuela'; // SET TO GALLERY FOLDER NAME

    then change the menu type on
    at line 43

    $settings['use_select_menu'] = true; // SET TO TRUE

    then hide the menu by adding on <pre>/styles/gallery.css</pre> on line 290
    #top_menu {
    display: none; // ADD THIS LINE
    height: 24px;

    and on
    on line 367

    #gallery_data {
    display: none; // ADD THIS LINE
    width: <?php echo ($content_width-20)?>px;

    that should make it, cheers.
  • thank you!!! :)

    it works great. One more quick thing, how do I hide the top title IE> "My Pictures (reload)"
  • Gabe:

    Can you reveal the URL where you're using this? I'd like to see it in action.


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    I believe you can simple remove "My Pictures" from the page. Following these steps:
    • Open settings.php from config folder
    /* prepend to the gallery name
    * VALUES: [ <text> ] */
    $settings['gallery_name_prepend'] = 'my';
    Remove my between quotation mark, that should work

    /* append to the gallery name
    * VALUES: [ <text> ] */
    $settings['gallery_name_append'] = 'pictures';
    Remove pictures between quotation mark, that should work

    Finally, you can do more simpler way to hide them:
    Open the gallery.css from styles folder:
    searching #gallery_title span.xtra, then type display:none;

  • thanks begeiste, that is right the solution.
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