Gallery password bug/hack

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Password protection of a gallery wasn't working for me. It appeared that the text in /password.php was including the newline in text for the password. (In fact, since it uses file_get_contents(), it would include all text in all lines of password.php if there were more than one.)

Anyway, I made this hack in libraries/general.functions.php#password_exists() and it seems to work:

< return strip_tags($password);
> return strip_tags(trim($password)); /// chomp eol in $password text

Interested in knowing if there really is a more correct way for getting this to work?


  • hi kmarx,

    unfortunately, password protection does not work and it is not documented. it is one of the future (possible) enhancements, if i figure out a safe way to do so without complicating people's lives.

    however, i think any attempt you do that works out will be welcomed in the community, and might be useful in a future implementation.

    thanks for the support!
  • Hellow victor.

    I changed the function of ~/ minishowcase/libraries/ajax.js.
    Because the test routine detected L/F of the input password and the error.
    Then, it changed as follows.
    function setGallery(id, link)
    ///// cut of L/F
    id_password[id] = id_password[id].trim();
    if (id_password[id] && id_password[id]!='') {
    gallery_password = prompt('Password:');
    ///// gallery_password = prompt('Password:',id_password[id]);
    I think that it operates by this well.
    may the minishowcase be with you.
  • Hi guys,
    i think i have a solution for the password problem. I have implemented a free javascript, which generates a md5 hash of the password and compares it with the actual password. For me it works!
    I can send you the changes i made on the script if you want?!

    Sorry for my bad english! I have to thank you for the really nice gallery!!!

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    hi muebbel, you can send it to me and i'll see if i can integrate it. either attach it to a reply or send it to minishowcase at frwrd dot net. thanks for the support!
  • Hi,
    on the first step open the ajax.function.js, on line 282 replace "gallery_password = prompt('Password:');" with "gallery_password = MD5(prompt('Passwort:'));" (without the quotes). At the end of the file add the code from the attached file.

    Second step:
    You have to create a password.php in every gallery. Don't write anything in it!

    Third step:
    Create a "passwort.html" in the galleries directory and insert

    Name of gallery:

    Name of gallery:

    Name of gallery:

    in the body.

    Then create a pass.php in the same directory and insert:

    That's it! I think its simple to implement into your code.
  • thanks, i'll try it soon.
  • Hi,
    did it help or are you testing it?
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