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Include with php (different directory)

edited October 2006 in How do I?
I installed Minishowcase (just awesome...), but now I wanted to include it with php, but there is the problem with the paths... here the structure:



  • edited October 2006
    right now the best way to include minishowcase in another page is through an iFrame:

    <iframe id="top_iframe" src="path/to/gallery/index.php"
    scrolling="auto" width="800"></iframe>

    (change width value to adjust to your page)

    there are many references that i have to work on for it to work well regardless of including path, but for now this is the only effective method
  • thanks victor, I was hoping you don't say me iframes... ;-)
    the problem with them is that only the iframe becomes dark while watching the picture, and if too small, the thumbnails have some problems on full view...

    so I think I'll have to wait till there is some effective method to include it.
    many thanks
  • anyhow i have noticed that iFrames does not work on some browsers.

    i'll look into it this week (i'm already working into making relative paths nore stable all through the application). let you know here.
  • thank you very very much :)
  • edited October 2006
    from release v08b92 you can add header and footer code to minishowcase. that solves most of the necessities when integrating minishowcase to your website. visit the release history section for more information.

    check it to see if it covers yours.
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