bad footer position...

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how r u doing?

theres is problme with the link to the forum guidelines here:

check it :)

i have a problem with the footer position:
it does not adapt itself to the gallery height

i hope u can see the solution,


  • is there any way to make the square thumbnails croped, not resized?
  • square thumbnails are cropped, not resized. you are using a very old version of minishowcase, and unfortunately i just can offer support for the last version, so please update to the current release and see if that solves your issues.

  • about the guidelines link:

    i couldn't find anything wrong with it, can you tell me precisely what to look for or what's wrong?

  • victor,

    i'm using the new version of minishowcase now... still having the same problem on firefox, ie is working fine:

    the footer does not move down after the thumbs load.

  • hi gandalfuy,

    unfortunately, the link you posted here seems to be password protected, so I don't have access to it. Let me know if you ca supply me with a working link or send me the login info. You can mail it to me at minishowcase at frwrd dot net.
  • hi all.. i think i have the same problem as gandalfuy...

    you can view it here :-

    choose one of the gallery and you will notice that the footer wont move down.

    im using safari + firefox
    version : v09b136.
    all files were untouched file except minor changes in ajax.gateway.php to exclude cache folder.
  • fadzlibaik, that issue has to do with css, and i cannot offer support on how to personalise the gallery, as my time is already little to deal with gallery issues.

    perhaps someone else can help you, good luck with it.
  • it's ok.
    im moving my code to msc_foot altough it doesnt have the same look and feel like my blog but at least it expanding acordingly

    those who stumbled upon, this is my changes
    move the following code in index.php:-

    to :-

    ------ HERE -----------------
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