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as far as i know thickbox2 and lightbox2 are not supported. so please just ignore this question if it is as i think ;-)
if not:
i have more thumbnail-pages than one.
i open the last image in a thumbnail-page in thickbox.
now i can navigate back to the previous picture, but not to the next wich is on the next thumbnail-page.
is there any easy way to fix this problem?

thanks and greets!



  • would be a nice feature. thickbox has the most clean look and that`s why I choosed him. But rather then going to the next page of gallery I would like to have a permament link to the photo shown in thickbox ;)

    pawel, my gallery
  • i realise that would be very helpful, but given the nature of both Lightbox and Thickbox, i find it rather difficult to develop it.

    i cannot promise anything, but believe it would be in my best interest to do so. perhaps when all bugs are fixed.
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    thickbox uses all anchor-elements () with class=thickbox that it found in the dom .. msc generates only the image links of the actual visible block .. a solution maybe is to generate the links of all images of a gallery and hide the links of the invisible blocks in the background in hidden divs ..
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    sure, but that will also mean that you have to load all images at first call, and then... what's the use of loading images through ajax?

    and if you mean just the links, then it will be a mess to call back images and add them up to the right link containers once new image blocks are called...

    as if that wasn't enough, all Thickbox and Lightbox code is added by parsing the anchor tags after the page is loaded, so i would have to tell Thickbox/Lightbox to parse just a subset of anchor tags for every call (and the right subset!)... if you have a solution for that one, please share it with us here.

    believe me, if there was an easy way to do it, it will be already done.
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