Last Big Request

From your #1 contributor.

I would like an intermediary cache for medium size photos say 640x480. These photos stored in the medium cache. I still would like the "click image to enlarge" feature to link to the full size original.

Here is why. Cameras (even the tiny portables) are crossing the 10 mb barrier. That is a massive image. There really is no way to expedite handling a file so big except to make a "web friendly" size. Even my 2.6 Core 2 Duo takes a good 4 seconds to resize a 3 meg photo. And to load the original takes days. :)

I know what you are thinking... Just resize everything to 640x480. The thing is people like the originals sometimes when they want to print it out. Or they like to set a photo as a high quality background, etc.

Of course we also need a script tool to build everything all at once. I have 4,000 photos and can't click them all to pre-render them for smooth end user experience.

btw, I have several friends who are hard core photographers who love the minishowcase but the handling of the large images is a show stopper. :(

Thanks Vic,


  • it is a great suggestion, i've been thinking about it, just let me figure out how to handle it inside minishowcase.

    btw, i'd go for 800x600, it covers most average display sizes, and is still a manageable size to post-render if necessary.
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