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Hi Victor,

since the v9 branch the style of the thumbs have changed. For squared thumbs is this ok but i wanna use my thumbs with their original ratio and so the old v8 style looks better for me (like on the official screenshots). Is it possible to add an option to switch or to include this in the "squared_thumbnails" setting (new style for squared und old style for normal thumbs)? (actually i copied the "thumbs container" part of the v8 gallery.css but i'm lazy to do this with ev'ry new version and searching again for unknown changes :) )

what do the other forum members think of this?


  • there is a square / original aspect ratio setting on the
    file, have you tried it?
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    yes i tried but look the attachement what i mean. i would like that the thumbs look like the 08 versions if i use $settings['square_thumbnails'] = false;

    ps: i changed only the theme to the blue one
  • sure, let me see what i can do.
  • ok, on the just released v09b73 thumbnails look more like the ones you like from v08b93. hope you like them!
  • thanks victor but if you can add the 1px boarder around the image (like in v08b93) and add the hover effect for the non image part of the thumb then it would be perfect ;)
  • i don't like the border, but you can add it through the CSS. the css call is
    #thumbs_cont ul li img.thumb_img
    . as for the non-image part hover effect, i think the call is
    #thumbs_cont ul li a:hover p
    (and it does not work in IE)
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