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Thumbnail sorting

edited December 2006 in Troubleshooting
I have images with names 001.jpg, 002.jpg ... 037.jpg. Sorting is set to 1 (natural sorting) and I end up with:
- page 01: images 007 to 0037
- page 02: images 001 to 006

I think it should be:
- page 01: images 001 to 030
- page 02: images 031 to 037


  • have you tried other sorting methods? they change from platform to platform.

    but i suggest to name them all with the same amount of digits. not software-wise but the best method around.
  • Yes, I tried all kinds of sorting. All names has the same digit numbers (0037 in my example is really 037 - it's my mistake in post).
  • have a link to your gallery that i might check out?
    could you please include gallery version and server software used?

    As you can see I still have problems with Polish letters. I use latest build from subversion. convig/version says it's v09a46. Server runs on Debian 2.4.18-bf2.4 with Apache 1.3.33 and PHP 4.3.10-18.
  • ok, now i think i know why they're showing backwards.

    this weekend i'll update it, so check on monday for a new patched release. it might also have the encoding issue solved (i know i did code it right, but screwed something little)

    and thanks for the feedback and help.
  • Hi,

    I installed the Alpha version early this week, and have problems with the sorting. I choose the sorting n°2 (numbers order), but it is not working fine, it seems random.

    My gallery :

    My server version :

    Thanks a lot !
  • For info, pictures n° 4430, 4434, 4436 are on page 1, when 4431, 4437, 4438 are on page 2....

  • I have downloaded latest version from SVN repository and sorting is still bugged.
  • could you please be more specific?
    have you tried all sorting types? are they all buggy?
    which platform is your server in? server software?
    can you include a link to your gallery so we can check this issue?
  • Link to gallery is in this thread but after todays source synchronizing it looks like sorting is ok. Unfortunately page is completely blank (there is a source for it but it renders to white page) in Internet Explorer and under Firefox Polish letters are still bugged.
  • My version.php says it's v09a58. Oh, by the way: I can't find cached thumbnails anywhere. Where should they be saved?
  • cached thumbnails sould be saved inside /cache/ directory, given it has the right permissions. please read the installing instructions for further clarification.

    about characters, are you sure you're editing the _info.txt file as UTF-8? if not, wrong characters are to appear since encoding will be wrong.

    i don't see it rendering to a blank page, coud you tell me in which browser is it? and i suggest you upgrade to the last version v09b63.
  • Thumbnails - my fault. I missed that part about permissions.

    UTF - yes, it's in UTF-8. Characters are all right in some parts of page (like dark grey part on the left).

    I upgraded to SVN revision 63 (version.php says it's v09b61) - the same blank page in IE 6.0.2800.1106 on Win2k.
  • i'll check in IE, but it might be the use of Lightbox JS2, try switching to the default Preview image window (
    $settings['use_lightbox'] = 0;
    ) and see if it behaves well. (there's a hack that 'hides' all thumbnails until loaded since Lightbox JS2 parses the HTML for some JS rewriting, so clicking on a thumbnail before the parsing makes Lightbox JS2 behave quirky)
  • By the way: gallery list doe's not load in Opera 9.10 - it says "loading" all the time. It loads correctly when I use old Minicase version - the stable one.
  • IE still shows blank page after $settings['use_lightbox'] = 0;.
  • it might be an incomplete upgrade, but your gallery still gives me version v09a58 when i check the source for the main page. it is on top, something like:
    minishowcase v09a58
    by victor zambrano

    can you check that your upgrade is a complete one? it should show v09b64 if you do it against the current version (just committed) or something with a v09b6? if you have done it in the last couple of days.
  • it seems that your
    file is in
    Central European (ISO Latin 2)
    encoding, not in UTF-8, just make sure you save it as UTF-8.

    this is how it looks when opened in the CE ISO Latin2:
    <h2>Witam w galerii zdjęć rodzinnych.</h2>
    <p>Zapraszam do obejrzenia <a href="javascript:setGallery('stare_slajdy',false);return false;">starych slajdów</a>
    oraz <a href="javascript:setGallery('grudzien_2006',false);return false;">nowszych zdjęć</a>.

    <p>Niestety polskie litery nie dzialaja jeszcze poprawnie.</p>

    <h3>Miłego przeglšdania.</h3>

    is it right there?
  • edited December 2006
    I just synced and I have v09b64 version. All the bugs are as stated above:
    - broken Polish characters in some places (solved - it was my fault)
    - page not showing under IE
    - gallery list not loading under Opera
  • Ahh you are right about UTF. I am really sorry for disturbing you, I was sure it was in UTF. I converted it to UTF and characters seems ok now. Thank you very much.
  • Info texts are OK but it looks like strings from pl.php are still broken:

    /* loading */
    $lang["loading_title"] = "ładowanie";

    /* reload */
    $lang["gallery_reload"] = "odśwież";

    Strings above show on page with broken characters. I double checked pl.php file this time (it's from SVN) and it is in UTF.
  • sure, i'll check it.
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