Sub Folder Updates
  • Hey, I'm back.

    After Brian C. Becker posted that he had included some sub folder support, I had a programmer modify his modifications to help with navigation styling.

    You can view what we did with it here :

    It is working in Firefox right now. WIll fix IE issues (css) this weekend.

    If you want to use this :
    1) first download Brian's package here :

    2) download and replace it with Brian's in the /libraries directory.

    3) It takes all first level directories in "/galleries" and creates a UL for them. The name of each of these first level directories is given a "LI class=title" tag while all folders inside of it are givin LI tages.

    In the example given for instance, I have four directories under "/galleries" which are named "Movies" "Television" "Special_Projects" and "Television". Under each of these is a specific movie/program with Jpegs inside.

    Use "_" underlines for spaces in a folder. A folder named "Hello_World" will be given an html line of "Hello World".

    4) The navigation effects are simple jQuery "hide/show" functions.

    Hope that all makes sense. Feel free to email me if necessary.

    Thanks to the creators of Minishowcase and Brian B!
  • Hello. I followed the link to the view, xx-pics.php and I do not see the sub folder galleries under the main Gallery heading. I also downloaded Brian's source and the updated ajax.functions.php provided in this thread. My install does not have sub folders under the main Gallery heading. I used both FF 3.0.6 and IE 7.
  • Thanks for the reply. I'll get back to you soon, the client has been uploading photos and folders through FTP. Most likely the schema is messed up i.e. he has a photo where a folder should be or a Thumbs.db file or something in there.

    Once mine is working I'll comment
  • Okay, solved.

    I had some bad lines in ajax.functions.js that I recently added. Re-Download.

    You will also need the Navigation Effects file. Its included below.

    I apologize for not being able to wrap this up in a nice package. That will be a goal in the next couple of months.




    Put both of these in the /libraries directory of Brian's package.

    If you are still having issues, let me know.

  • At the moment I am editing the ajax.functions.js to make the page scroll to the top when you click one of the nav buttons. Will post when its working.
  • Works. Ajax.Functions.js is clean to download.
  • thanks kvnBushi

    i finally found some time to get my hands dirty and i'll be working mostly on bringing the sub-folders into minishowcase. i'll take a look at your code and see if it can serve as a base, will let you know.
  • I got the subfolders working, but can any one tell me how to do the jQuery hide/show functions? Where to put the code? Because without it it just takes up more space with the subfolders which is the opposite of what I intended.. Also, does any one know how to get help on the minimanager? I have tried everything and can't make it work. Sorry for the double ques.
  • Same here, how to get this Effect ?
  • I try this subfolders is working, but i can't understand "download and replace it with Brian's in the /libraries directory." this setp how to do, because i colud not find out Brian's in the libaries directory.
  • First off, thanks to all that have contributed to the sub gallery code. It has provided the extra functionality that I needed.

    I've had a play around with the JQuery script so that the menus automatically expand and contract, similar to an accordian, and come up with this:

    var galleryDrops = {

    init:function() {

    var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); // needed to work with mootools
    // Use jQuery via $j(...)

    var $nextli = $j(this).nextAll('li');
    var $nextliVisible = $j(this).nextAll('li:visible');
    var $visibleSiblings = $j('li:not(.title):visible');
    if ($visibleSiblings.length) {
    if($visibleSiblings[0] == $nextliVisible[0]) {
    // open title clicked so slide back up
    return false;
    // slide up previous visible menu then slide down new menu
    $visibleSiblings.slideUp('fast', function(){
    else {

    It can either be pasted into the NAV.EFFECTS.JS file to overwrite the original code, or just pasted at the bottom of the AJAX.FUNCTIONS.JS file and remove the NAV.EFFECTS.JS.

    I also made some modifications to the CSS so that the menu was a bit more compact. It only works with the default preview mode (0) at the moment, so will need a bit more work if you use one of the other modes.

    Check out a demo at:

    Hope people find this is useful.
  • For those that have asked, here is a zip with all the additions added.

  • thanks scubabeer (whoa, that's a nickname!), your support to minishowcase is invaluable!
  • Sorry, solved
  • Hi guys,
    I try my best. My english is not so fine.
    The package of Scubabeer didnt work on my server.
    The subfolder do not open.

    Can someone create a complete and working package for me please.
  • Hello scubabeer- Thanks for the addition. I took your zipped archive and added a gallery to the gallery tree. When I run your version, I get an error in ajax.functions.js at line 1718.

    name is undefined
    galleryName(undefined)ajax.functions.js (line 1718)
    updateGalleriesMenu("venezuela:5:|")ajax.functions.js (line 233)
    updateGalleries("venezuela:5:|")ajax.functions.js (line 137)
    callback()()cpaint2....ressed.js (line 64)
    [Break on this error] if (!show_gallery_number) name = name.replace(/^[0-9]*-/g,"");

    No galleries are listed under the galleries heading, so no menu.
  • arthurema/TechnoRocker,

    Very strange. Just downloaded the file myself and it works for me!

    I've added a couple of sub-directories with a sample picture in each and zipped up the directory from a working copy on my server. Let me know if this works.

  • Excellent, thank you. This archive works. I'll look into why the previous archive did not work, why menu-ing failed.
  • Ah, the menu only works going down 1 sub directory level. Scubabeer has a good start.
  • First of all..Let me thank Victor for creating this wonderful Gallery.
    It would be great if you can provide a description area just below the pop up image after the thumbnail click. I think there wont be much complication even it can be added dynamically from a note pad or XML.
    I am basically a designer ..not a programmer..I am not sure about that this gallery have such a feature right now..

    Anyway Thank you again.

  • its really great to have sub folder features in this gallery. Really appreciate you for finding time to have this feature on Victors gallery. I tried after downloading this . Its working..but if one category is not having sub category..that galley wont work..for eg: Tavel/Euorope/ will work..but if we have photos in "Travel" only then that gallery wont there any settings to be changed...also i would like to set this image open in another light i changed the preview mode to "2".. ..its not working..please advice me to solve this..Anybody can help on this..?
  • This subgallery feature is perfect. I was just about to abandon minishowcase when i found it. thanks so much.

    @knkdas does changing this setting to true not solve your problem?
    $settings['show_empty_galleries'] = false;
  • hey is there away to password protect the containing folder of the subfolders and not the subfolders themselves? Thank you

    Great job on the subfolders work flawlessly only problem I see is that when I use png's none of the other pictures in the subfolder load. :)
  • Scubabeer,

    I downloaded and installed your modified version of the minishowcase but it's not listing the galleries or subgalleries using the CSS Menu, but the script detects them if I use the "select" menu option. Any ideas?

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