Some changes in the gallery code for pointing to an index page
  • Hello, I am a User of your gallery. It's perfect, I like it very much and I congratulate you for it. I just need some help for a little detail:

    I would like change something in the code for my home page. The code shows the images that there are in the folder, I would like that the code make a direct link to the index file in the folder. I have a lot of sub domains on my website and it would be very good if the code did that, only if the main page, sure. I just need know what I have to change (where) only .Thanks for your help; I wait for your response.
  • change line 182 in

    +' <small>('+g_id_files+')</small>'


    +' <a href="./galleries/'+id+'"><small>&nbsp;index</small></a>'

    you can change the word
    for anything you want to appear as the link. play with the CSS file to make it look different.

    hope it helps.

    (please be aware i cannot give support for hacks made to the gallery code, so use at your own risk)