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Image captions

edited December 2008 in Installing
I've noticed a lot of discussions on this forum about whether or not there can be captions on larger images.

And Victor, it seems as though you haven't found a way to do this as of yet.

Currently I am researching a way to have a PHP script print the metadata of a JPG from a larger image to display a description of that image directly inside the frame. (I think the frame DIV might be called one of these names: #image_container, #img, .imagen; just so you know what I'm talking about)

I am looking at sites with information like this To help me figure out how to do this.

Have you ever looked into this as being a possibility to display a caption?


  • i haven't added captions only because i haven't found a simple way (for the users) to add them without having to create a new text file for each picture or something as complex as that.

    i have looked into it, but right now i don't have the information at hand. if i find it i'll let you know, and good luck.

    ps: you might want to make this conversation public so you might get help from others in the community
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