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Help Modifying my add_footer/header.php

edited June 2007 in Everything else
My website is:

I was hopping some one could help me with a few things.

I would like the galleries menu to appear in a table over to the left like the navigation menu is in.

I would like to enclose the thumbnails for the galley into a table.

Also how do i get my sites footer to display underneath the gallery rather then besides it?

Your help would be much appreciated as I love this gallery and do not want to switch!


  • i cannot connect to your site. please check that the url is correct.

    unfortunately i don't have time to support custom modifications, but the community might have already done that and could give you some info. good luck.
  • If it doesn't work on the first try give a second or third try.

    Any help would be much appreciated victor or any one.
  • I really need help with this people! Please!
  • It looks like you do need help in building your site. From a brief look, you have some stuff out of place in your page. Also, using tables to position things on a page, is not always the best design. If you don't get any other help, I'll try to help you. Email me: jwurster at comcast dot net.
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