• New InterfaceNew interface easier at-a-glance thumbnail navigation and a clean layout.
  • Simple GalleriesSimple galleries just upload a folder full of images to your /galleries/ folder and voilá you have a new gallery!
  • Lightbox ViewLightbox View Images can be viewed in a lightbox, easier and more precise, with a convenient integrated thumbnail menu.
  • Multi-languageMulti-language set your gallery in French, Italian or Spanish, or select from 12 other. Set it to select the user's local language (if available). Translate it to your own language!
  • Permanent URLsPermanent URLs now you can share your galleries and images with friends and acquaintances. Just copy the permalink for a gallery or an image, and email it to them!
  • Autmatic thumbnailsAutomatic thumbnails you don't have to worry anymore about creating your images' thumbnails. Let minishowcase take care of it.
  • CommentsPrivate galleries protect your galleries with username/password, and share it with your private friends and clients
  • Added viewing featuresAdded viewing features Configurable timed slideshow (for now, more to come)

Coming soon...

  • Sub-galleriesSub-galleries accordion-styled indented galleries you can expand and collapse with a click. (most requested)
  • CommentsComments very simple interface, customisable per gallery (most requested)
  • Admin InterfaceAdmin Interface a simple interface to upload, set up and update your galleries (most requested)


01. The gallery automatically searches your /galleries/ folder and builds the gallery main menu.

02. When you select a gallery, the thumbnails are generated on-the-fly and presented on a thumbnails menu, without having to reload the entire page.

03. When you click on a thumbnail from the menu, the selected image is showed in a lightbox-like screen. From there you can still navigate to ther images either with the arrows or with the generated thumbnails.

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